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My sister Jana is the queen of kitchen gadgets. I mean, she has anything down to a small finger potato peeler that looks like a ring. I get stupid excited when I walk into Dillard's shoe section, but she gets that same kind of giddy excitement when she sees a set of Martha Stewart mixing bowls. I have all kinds of shoes, but I have a hodgepodge kitchen held together with a bunch of odds and ends. To give you further insight on just how interesting things get in my kitchen, I often use an Easy Bake Oven spatula for daily cooking...but for real tho.

Like I have said before, I don't do much in the kitchen, but since Jana gifted me a ZOODLE twister, I had to try it out!

This can be purchased at any store with an 'As Seen on TV aisle' for $9.99 at both WalMart and Bed Bath & Beyond.

I made a protein rich meal for under $15 and squeezed out 6 meals (lunch & dinner for 3 people). We love Italian food in my house, so to find a vegetable alternative to pasta, we were excited!

G R O C E R Y L I S T :

Prep Time : 15 mins Cook Time : 15 mins

- Roasted Chicken (Cooked & Ready)

- Garlic

- Pesto

- Zucchini (5)

- 1 Pack of Cherry Tomatos

- Olive Oil

- Salt + Pepper

- Parmesan Cheese (optional)

- Avocado (optional)

D I R E C T I O N S :

1.) Twist all your zucchinis through to make your zoodle noodles. This is a great way to include your children as you cook!

2.) Pick all the meat off your Roasted chicken and set aside.

3.) Quarter or halve your cherry tomatoes according to your preference.

4.) Heat your large pan to Medium-High and wet with olive oil and a 2 Tbsp of garlic.

5.) Throw in your zoodles, tomatoes, 3 Tbsp of Pesto & chicken. Cover to cook down.

6.) Stir zoodles occasionally to help them cook down.

7.) Add seasonings.

** Once the zoodles have cooked down to be flexible as pasta is, then it is ready - See photos below for a good visual.

8.) Serve up and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and sliced avocado [ I add a bit more pesto as garnish too].

[On the left are raw zoodles and the right are cooked zoodles. Notice as they cook, the zoodles look more transparent and less white.]

What's beautiful about this meal is there's no guilt in grabbing seconds! Thank you Jana for helping expand my repertoire of kitchen gadgets and helping us start 2017 out right, one healthy meal at a time!!!!!




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