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ZARA | Baby Skinnies & A Man Bun

I can't help but swoon over the idea of a baby bun...yep, you read right! Since all his hair on top is incredibly long, and the sides have become shorter, due to the typical baby shedding, I had to test out the man bun - but tiny sized! That plus the skinnies, and I almost died right there on the spot!! If it can't get any cuter, I added my late grandfather's railroad bandana for sentiment and its all too much! We have to get creative with bibs because we can't go without them. Unlike TLC, we are constantly chasing ALL the waterfalls!

<<<<<<< I cannot stop laughing at my last sentence, its just too good! >>>>>>>>>

Aside from the cute that is my boy, I love that there are so many small details in the ZARA pieces to appreciate. Just the tag on the back of these skinnies made me smile and I'm not even the one that will be wearing them! That touch alone makes me want to keep them forever, and bust them out when my grandchildren are born! Overkill??? Also, the small wooden buttons on the collar piece of his spotted tee are precious!

When it comes to children's clothing, I normally gravitate to pieces that are synonymously on trend for adults, within reason of course. My 5 year old daughter does not walk around in thigh high leather boots and a mini skirt. I guess the most provocative thing she wears around the house is a pull-up. And Im not talking about a dry one, Im talking about the one that weighs a couple pounds and sags because she refuses to take it off.

I digress...

We love cute things.

We love putting our cute things in cute things.

We love ZARA.

The end.


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