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Wood Watch | Do Something Different

I decided that I would step out and try different things in 2017. Since January, I have eaten African food and Israeli tacos, and I have also tried training my left hand to write better (still looking very rough though). I am normally attached to my gold Cassio digital watch, because it is just an easy read, however, I have decided to try something new!

There are not many wooden watches on the market these days, or at least a high quality one worth having, but this JORD wooden watch is a true beauty! It is a 100% natural wood and I love how weightless it feels. I was a bit moved when I received it in the mail. Jord outdid themselves in just the packaging details alone. My watch came in a custom wooden box that has a magnetized lid. It was sitting on a burlap pillow and it was custom fit to my wrist! There is even a magnetized drawer on the bottom that comes with a dehumidifying packet to keep the watch in tip-top shape while it is stored.

What put me over the edge is, its WATERPROOF ! Even though it has a very natural appeal, it still looks beautiful styled with jewelry. This watch makes for a great arm party! With many women's watches & men's watches to choose from, you are sure to drool over at least 1! I was completely drawn to the large simple face of this watch and the muted matte gold.

If after shopping their collection you want one of your very own, then why not enter to WIN?? I am hosting a giveaway here on my blog and 1 winner will be selected on April 16th! Even if you don't win, I promise you won't be disappointed! Click the link below to enter the drawing!



Winner will be selected on 4/16/2016




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