Week 6 - One Room Challenge

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

If you take a moment to revisit the vision I set forth for this room back in the week 1 blog post (check out that before picture), I think you would agree that everything came together as planned. Each element and goal I dreamt up for this space completely came to fruition along with some last minute hail marys too. I felt like this room was going to prom with all the non-stop primping these last few days!

Now that the reveal is finally here, the boys can play and actually sleep in their bedroom that has been taped off for 6 long weeks. Maybe the hardest task was keeping these eager boys at bay, or maybe it was that 3 dimensional triangle panel that required some trigonometry calculations...I'll never tell!

When it's all said and done, the end product was more than worth all the work and efforts!

Very grateful to the One Room Challenge for pulling everyone together and motivating hundreds of rooms into completion! Normally I'd throw my feet up and get some R&R, but I'm setting out on my next room endeavor with Acadian Dream Homes as soon as NEXT WEEK!

Keep in the loop with all the other designers in the blog party, because there are some beautiful reveals to feast your eyes upon! Also, do check out the featured designers and all their fabulous progress!

** Please see the links below since I have received many inquiries on what came from where! If you have been following along with me these past 6 weeks, a BIG thank you and I hope that you have enjoyed the process just as much as I have!


R O O M D E C O R L I N K S :

Interior design photography : Colleen Scott

Metal bed frame & Safety rails - 71 Metalworks

Roxy Marj tiger rug - Crate & Barrel

Canvas wall map - Crate & Barrel

Red lockers - IKEA

Digital monster throw pillows - Target

"Aww Yeah" throw pillows - Target

Blue quilt with triangle stitch - Target

Rock wall rock pulls - Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear

Ninja Warrior hanging wheel - B4Adventure

Pendant colored cords - Color Cord Company

Paint : Sherwin Williams - Lowes Home Improvement

MAPS Book - Crate & Barrel

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