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Week 5 - One Room Challenge

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Things are coming together nicely in week 5! beginning half of the week was spent on finishing up the details of the rockwall, namely the triangle piece. It required some fancy math and exact angles so I brought in the big husband. He is an engineer who loves any excuse to crank out an equation, so I asked him to visit me in the garage and not to forget his calculator.

A little trigonometry and BAM! We gave this triangle some 45 degree edges, and I added a clear matte coat of poly to seal the surface.

After attaching the rock pulls it was finally time for the big install of the most complicated piece. It fit together like a glove and I never could have done this on my own. Oh the mathematical perks of marriage are nice!

moving right along, I wanted to make sense of the raw plywood elements, so i decided to create a cabinet for the other side of the room. It's a basic plywood box with hairpin legs. I added black paint to ground the color on that wall and I pulled the stripes over from the bedding for some good balance.

Wrapping up week 5 with some Warrior Ninja fun allowed the boys to actually do some playing in their room, as they have been the house wanderers with all this construction, as of late. I installed the fun factor with eye bolts and by popular request added in a climbing rope. But let's be honest, these guys are the quality control division, and every project needs experts in the field!

Here is a very unfinished panoramic of where week 5 leaves us. Looking forward to placing final touches and the big reveal next week!

Here is a link to the blog party so that you can stay up to date with what all the other guest participants, because there are some really great spaces to check out! Click here to check out what the featured designers are up to!

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