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Week 4 | One Room Challenge

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Simply put, when you genuinely show interest in the things that others care about, then you are knocking on the door to something great, and dare I say magical?? With that said, my tiniest clients of Acadian Dream Homes have a third resident in their lofted rockwall bedroom. A gecko named Spike.

I didn't just want to plop his home in a corner and call it a day. To keep the room in balance, his space had to be just as funky and comanding as the rest of the room. Here is a brief pictoral overview of the process!

Also, I decided to throw in yet another color to this crazy lineup! The name of the paint couldn't be anymore appropriate for my spike decision...It is Sherwin Williams Impulsive Purple. No matter how impulsive, it really does pull things together nicely!

I purchased these metal LED marquee letters from an Etsy shop and at the end of the day, I think Spike feels well represented!

If you want to know the real reason why that E under delivers, then you'll have to check out my IG story.

That about sums up week 4, as I am attempting to keep a lot under wraps for the big reveal on November 8! If you missed the last couple weeks, here is a brief recap and link to the blog party to check out other guest participants and click here for the featured designers .


The one Room challenge is a 6 week room makeover challenge for designers and bloggers nationwide. There are 2 sides to this coin. One side being the 20 selected designers competing for the win. On the other side of that coin, there are guest participants like myself. At the end of this 6 week project, the editors of Better Homes & Gardens, the official media sponsor of the One Room Challenge will select 2 guest participants to be FEATURED DESIGNERS in the 2019 Spring ORC challenge!

All the fingers crossed over here...

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