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WalMart Online | Grocery Shopping of the Future

As skeptical as I was of the online grocery shopping idea, I had to give it a go. I mean, if it meant that I could avoid grocery trippin' (because that is what my 4 yr old does -trips out) then I guess I could look past a few unripened avocados for the greater good.

I started out with my meals for the week:

1.) Nachos

2.) Strogenoff

3.) Spaghetti

4.) Soup n Sandwiches

( Plus some breakfast items and lunch snacks )

I spent a total of $62.45 ! I cannot get out of Kroger for under a $100. We are a family of 3, so I know for larger families, getting out of a grocery store for under $200 would be an amazing feet!

All to say, it resulted in a cheaper and more intentional shopping trip because there were no impulse buys. I sat with a snack and shopped from the comfort of my couch in my favorite stretchy pants. I thought that it would probably end badly because it just can't be that good...

I journeyed from Beaumont to Port Arthur (25 mins) and while in route, WalMart called to notify me that my groceries would be ready at my pre selected appointment of 10:00am. Upon arrival I was met with a well organized pick-up zone flanked with big orange signs.

From there, I just followed my promptings on the sign. It gave me a number to call and they asked me my last name and said they would be right out with my order.

I waited about 2 minutes and out rolled my order.

I was met by a kind Walmart associate who was incredibly professional, kind and informative.

She reviewed my order and told me that one item was not available (Specialty Salami) and that amount was credited back to my account.

She also let me know that there was one item that had to be substituted. That was the taco seasoning and that it was just a different brand, but the same product.

* Before you submit your order online, you can check a box that allows the team to substitute items if the one you selected is not available. If you are not okay substituting certain items, then you just simply uncheck that box before submitting your order.

All my items were accounted for and I appreciated the stickers that noted "fragile" items. I noticed that everything was bagged well and smartly. I know some of you were a bit leery of the produce and if you would get junky items. I can only speak for my groceries, but my bananas are just like I like them. A little bit green so they have time to yellow up - because I don't eat them once the brown starts to set in... Lettuce was great, as were my tomatoes and asparagus! I asked Tristan (the kind associate) "how does your team go about deleting the produce for each order?" She replied with, "We try to pick the prettiest fruits/vegetables."

I also noticed that my cold items were still cold when I got home. Tristan also said in conversation that she is in and out of the coolers, so it is nice to know that my groceries are not sitting out in room temps before pick up.

All in all, I was thoroughly satisfied with my first online grocery shopping experience and am left eagerly waiting Beaumont's program to roll out November 8th! Also, a big thank you to Tristan for enduring all my questions and meeting me with kindness and professionalism - It is service like this that keeps people coming back for more!!

Oh and before I forget. For all those first time online grocery shoppers, you receive a nice goody bag! Here is my swag bag.


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