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Vitamins | A Cure to My Chronic Migraines

In 2005 my relationship with migraines began. For 11 years I battled chronic migraines with no real solution. I had all kinds of expensive testing done over the years showing that my brain was in good working order. I had blood work done and still no one could tell me what was wrong. I was frustrated because my everyday vision was compromised, as I was experiencing frequent visual confusion. Sometimes every 7 days, I would have a migraine that would take me down for 8 solid hours. Even seeing a neurologist didn't give me any answers.

I missed weddings of people that I loved. Vacations were interrupted, and sometimes I was not able to care for my daughter who was a baby. Countless times I had to leave work in between sensations, so I could sweat out this ugly mess in private. I functioned with an Excedrin bottle in my bathroom, one in my glove box, one in my purse and another in my desk at work. This is how the process normally happened :

1.) Auras

2.) Loss of peripheral vision

3.) Face and limb numbness & tingling

4.) Cold sweats

5.) Pounding pain in head & eyes

6.) Nausea and vomiting

In response to my problems, I was prescribed a preventive medicine (blood thinner) that, in hindsight, only treated my symptoms, not the cause. This medication didn't take away my migraines, however, just reduced the amount I had. This medication made me extremely groggy and, as a mom, I'm already sluggish enough...

About 8 months ago, I decided to go in and have a routine physical done, since I am nearing 30. Results came back and I'm in good health, however, my doctor did inform me that I am Folic Acid Deficient and my B-12 levels were almost nonexistent. She told me that my body produces Folic Acid, however, does not absorb it. She prescribed me a fat dose of each, and I decided to do some searching of my own in the meantime.

I went home and did what any person would do - I Googled it. Plus, I've watched 5 years of Grey's Anatomy, so at this point, Im pretty much a Nurse Practitioner. I found that when deficient in both Folic Acid and B-12 it can lead to migraines, and if serious enough - Pernicious Anemia. This type of anemia does many things internally, however I was experiencing the outward manifestation of tingling and numbness in my face and limbs, which precedes migraines. I freaked out in from tif my computer! Could this be the answer I had been looking for??!!?!?!?!

I spoke with my doctor about the research that I had done, and after looking into it, she agreed. I happily report that am 8 months free of migraines and I'm telling you, it feels good! I'm not saying this is the answer for everyone, but hey - it is worth checking out with routine blood work. It is crazy to think that low vitamin levels were the root to all my pain, but Im glad it was a simple fix.



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