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Turn Baby Cereal Containers into Beautiful Storage

Our little Benji is six months old now and cranking through rice cereal like he won't get another meal for as long as he lives. I hear this is what it is like to be a mom of a growing boy... Well, that means we have a ton of these BeechNut rice cereal containers laying around. I love the ergonomic lines of the container, however, I'm not super crazy about the white and hunter green color scheme. I figured with a little Krylon gold spray paint from Lowes, I could completely change the look into something much more appealing. Not only that, but repurposing something is both fun and gratifying!

Since these containers are plastic, make sure the spray paint that you select is specifically rated for plastic. Sadly, I made the mistake of spray painting a strand of christmas lights, and I used the wrong kind of paint. All to say, I ruined that project...

I cut off the plastic label and sprayed the green cap a pretty matte gold. I painted two coats and let the caps dry outside for about half an hour. I was so excited to pop the cap on and take a look at this extremely easy project! One bottle looks good, but a series looks SO pretty all lined up together!

Transforming these containers was the easy part, because I couldn't figure out just what I wanted to do with them! My small items are pretty much organized, with the exception of my junk drawer, however, my daughter has a bunch of Shopkins and Shimmer & Shine genie figurines on the loose. Since I am constantly on my her to keep the little pieces in one spot, I thought this would be a nice way to encourage her to keep things nice and tidy.

These containers would make great craft closet organization too. Glitter, buttons, ribbon storage...the possibilities are endless really!

Happy crafting!



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