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Travel The World Without Leaving Home

My husband and I live for the next plane ticket and stamp in our passport. The first couple months that we were married, we lived in Singapore for 4 months while my husband was working a job. We fell in love with Asia during that time and we began, what is now, our lifelong pursuit of the world. Now that we have kids, I have vowed to bring them into the fold, rather than put our travels on hold. Many people are fearful of traveling with their children, but kids love adventure too! Sweyzie (my 5yo) has never ceased to amaze me, and each time I am thankful we did another trip together. Another memory made and another crazy experience for the books! I plan on exposing my children to as much of the world's culture as I can financially handle. Now, one can only take so many trips in a year, so here are a few things that help us curb our travel appetite in between.

**Important Note : Nothing takes the place of traveling, but these are great temporary stand-ins.

Uncle Goose : Children's Language Blocks

Benji received a set of Japanese letter blocks as a gift for Christmas. It's SO unique and has kept our global conversation going in the home. We pull them out to play, and each time we walk away with another number or word that we can proudly add to our repertoire. After checking out the company, I was surprised to find that these blocks are offered in many other world languages and historical themes too. There's even a set of American Sign Language blocks! Uncle Goose has taken a classic age-old toy and kept it relevant and appealing with their versatility and modern design. Anyone looking to grow their children's mind and and encourage a global worldview may check out the Uncle Goose collection!


by : Aleksandra & Daniel Mizielinska

This book is quite a treat and encourages curiosity. I bought it for my kids obviously, however, I may have more fun... It sits on my nightstand and my daughter and I travel the pages as we wind down at night. It is a great learning tool to understanding geographical positioning and helps children retain information about each country with visual reinforcements. This book has opened up wonderful conversations about many regions of the world. My daughter surprised me with a pretty good understanding of the Aboriginal people of Australia, which I wasn't expecting. It's one of those books that are held onto for a lifetime and travel down from child to child.

LEGO Architecture

It is a dream of mine to visit the Arab Emirates. My husband thinks I'm ridiculous because I wouldn't mind wearing a hijab. I may be over exaggerating a bit here, but ducking into a restaurant to take refuge from the sand storm while my camel is tied up out front, sounds invigorating. Little bit scary, but exciting! Too much?? Anyways, since I won't be flying a golden airplane to Dubai next year, LEGO features some amazing iconic architecture from around the world. My husband and our daughter found the Burj Khalifa at Barnes & Noble and its proudly standing in his office. Such a cool project that encourages fun and worldly chatter. I think our next build will be the Shanghai sky line.

Little Passports