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Tiny | Our Semi-Permanent House Guest

Anyone ever get a wild hair and want to do something that you might regret, like surprise your husband with a pet? Well, last week, Sweyzie (my 4 yr old daughter) and I decided that we were going to get a pet that didn't require work. Is there even such a thing...? We just wanted something with a pulse, yet low maintenance. We were excited for a little more than a pet rock, however, we were open.

We walked into Petsmart with just a hope & a dream. Immediately, the smell of Ferret & dog food overwhelmed us, however, we didn't allow that to stifle our excitement. We pushed on past the gerbils and rats and paused in fond thought in front of the Parakeets. They were so pretty, and I'll admit, we got caught up in a bit of a Cinderella moment. The sight of poop everywhere quickly brought me back to reality and the incessant chirping sealed the deal! They don't show that in the Disney movies.

We strolled right along to the swimmer section. A Beta Fish with a tap water bowl might be exactly what we were looking for, but then there were so many fish options... I almost got caught up in the wonders of a 50 gallon Seaworld tank. That was NOT what we were looking for, but Nemo and a mini shark were very convincing. For real though, we lingered by a Starfish for longer than necessary.

If you can't tell, it's hard to keep focused on the task at hand. I'm a creative, and distracted individual, but in the end, we did what we came to do. We got ourselves a beautiful Half Moon Tailed Beta Fish, that we named Tiny (super original I know). Low maintenance & low cost - job well done!

Remember when Nemo gets caught in the fish tank at the dentist's office? There is that scary girl with braces and headgear that makes all the fish a bit nervous. I don't know what our poor fish feels like when Sweyzie comes slamming into his bowl, but I imagine it to be a lot like that Nemo scene. I have a pretty good feeling that I'm right, because she freaked him out, and he threw up.

All-in-all, we are off to a rough start.

Pray for Tiny.



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