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Texas Hill Country | Jellystone

I have fond memories of my childhood and the excitement of summer adventures. In June, my parents would pack up all the camping equipment and we would head over to Jellystone campgrounds for a week full of fun in Colorado. When I was a kid, Jellystone was the ultimate kid-cation! Now that we are parents to an almost 5 year old, my husband and I wanted to do something with our daughter this summer. We thought the beach, or even taking a train to the Grand Canyon. But since no kid likes riding for an extended period of time in the car, or a train for that matter, I entertained a very nostalgic memory of mine - Jellystone.

Beings that I hadn't been in over 20 years, I wondered if it would be just as magical as I remembered. After some research I booked a tent site. Tents are fun. Piling in under the blankets after brushing your teeth in the community watering hole. I was excited about the ruggedness. I was so mesmerized by the excitement of a tent that I failed to think realistically about bugs, community bathrooms and most importantly, the Hot summer heat of Texas...

That tent reservation quickly turned into a cabin with the comforts of a private bathroom and A/C!

We stayed at the Jellystone - Hill Country and had the best week, packed full of old fashioned family fun!

Everyday, started with a heavy lather of sunscreen. After a good breakfast by the fire, we headed to the pool mounted on our bikes going as fast as our spokes would carry us. Almost all the kids traveled by bikes everywhere they went. I remember as a kid, riding bikes even next door was such a great feeling of independence. To a 4 year old, riding your bike to the pool is equivalent to cranking your Honda at 16. She had the best time!

Sweyzie was not able to completely swim at this point, so once we got to the pool, you could only imagine my relief when I saw that the waterpark was only 3 feet deep. All week, I didn't have to fret about her. She had the freedom to go from the pool to the slides all without the hindrance of a floaty.

Sweyzie hadn't grown up watching Yogi bear like I had, but she had so much fun getting to meet Yogi and the gang everyday. It adds to the magic of this place, and hopefully creates lasting memories as she grows! Aside from the meet and greets, there are daily activities scheduled all summer long!

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