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Smashed Potatoes

I don't cook much, and mostly because I would just rather be doing other things. So, when I find something quick and fun to make, then and only then, will I write about it. I mean, just look at these crispy garlic wonders. To top it off, my grandmother asked me for this recipe. When that happens, you know you are sitting on a gold mine!

Supply List :

1.) Muffin Pan

2.) 1 Cup Grated Parmesan Cheese

3.) 1 Heaping TBSP of garlic

4.) 1/4 cup Fresh Chopped Parsley

5.) 3/4 Stick of Melted Butter

6.) 12 Red New Potatoes

7.) Salt + Pepper

Directions :

Prep time - 10 minutes | Cook time - 12-15 minutes


1.) Boil until fork tender.

2.) smash each potato and transfer to a spot in the muffin tin.

3.) Melt down the butter, and mix in the garlic, parsley, salt + pepper.

4.) spoon that mixture over each potato.

5.) Place in the top rack of your oven on BROIL for 10-15 minutes.

6.) Watch closely and take out once they have turned golden brown and crispy.

7.) sprinkle parmesan cheese over tops (I'm generous with the cheese).

8.) Broil again for 2-3 minutes - or until melty and crispy.


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