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Santorini | Red Bull Parkour Championship

Photo Credits : Predrag Vuckovic


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While on a once in a lifetime trip to Santorini, we literally STUMBLED upon the RED BULL : Art of Motion. This is a worldwide ParKour Championship that was taking place on the cliffside of Oia, Santorini. If you are wondering what ParKour is, it is Freerunning, or as I stated above...The art of falling (beautifully and skillfully).

I was having flashbacks to my middle school JNCO jean days, as I saw these guys slowly trickling in with large baggy pants hopping up on walls. I was confused, what was going on? Then the speakers rolled in and the RedBull car appears (Did they boat that in?). Medical crews were all of a sudden just posted up waiting. Insert massive crowds on rooftops everywhere and a loud commentator that I could not see.

We headed back from a Tavern pool with my lifeless sleeping 4 year old when we happened upon the crowds. In order to all be a part of the surprise madness, we took turns holding my tiny sleeper and squeezed in to see what all the hubbub was about.

I mean I've heard of ParKour, and witnessed some amateur kids trying their hand (or feet i should say) at it, but was not aware that it was indeed a "THING". I pushed through the sweaty crowd, swapping bodily fluids from arm to arm and finally scored a tiny spot to watch. I will be honest, I thought it a bit silly until I saw it with my own two eyes.

Seeing the world's best free-runners, was very interesting, because if i attempted something of the sort, I would surely die - quickly. It is quite a skill, the use of improvisation and having to think [on your feet]. So if you are interested, or just wondering what it looks like to fall with such style, then check out the link to see REDBULL's official video.

Also, check out for some limitless RedBull event photography.


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