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Sally Hansen | Spring Nails

I am a terrible nail biter and I will go through random cycles where I can control myself, but then, for whatever reason...bam - nubs. It literally happens all of a sudden and for no reason. For those of you that see me on the daily, you know just how bad it can get. At one point, just a few years ago, my husband said to me, "Lin you have to stop biting your nails because your hands look like man hands. It's bad." Well, can't fault him for bringing the truth bombs...

Well, at this very instant, I can happily report that I am currently in a pretty nail season of my life. I am most proud to show my nails off to my far away bestie Jaimee, because she will appreciate my new found self control. Are you proud???

Now that I don't have to keep my fingers hidden for fear of ridicule, I can sport all the spring colors. Sally never does me wrong, so lets just take a look at this spring dazzler. The color is called : Sugar Fix and it is the Miracle Gel.

Once I am done, I normally moisturize my cuticles with Sally Hansen's Big Cuticle Oil because my fingers and hands always seem dry. If my fingers are dry, then I pick. And we can't be picking because remember... this is operation NO MAN HANDS! This last step just makes everything look nice and polished (pun intended).

This manicure is made possible by my friend Hollie. She was wearing this color and I loved it so much, she showed up at my house and surprised me with it!!!


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