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Quarantine Chronicles : Jennifer's Rainbow Nursery

Place a woman on house arrest and she will likely start a project or four. Seriously though, you will probably find a tired husband near by who is ready to trade in the long list of honey-dos for his normal work schedule, but sorry guys - it's what we do!

For the next couple of weeks I thought it would be fun to spotlight some projects that ahave emerged out of a very odd season for us all. These spaces have stirred the waters of creativity within me and I hope they will do the same for you.

I will introduce you not only to a host of beautiful spaces, but more importantly, share with you the strong & resilient women who created them. My hope for these short interviews, is that you leave here feeling inspired and encouraged by the creations & words of these women!

First up in this series is Jennifer Landry and her sweet rainbow nursery.

Jen, what was your inspiration for this space?

I wanted to do something more modern for this nursery, but that flowed with the rest of my home.  This is the only room downstairs other than my master, and it is the first room you come to when you enter the home.  I didn't reuse anything from my two prior nurseries.  I wanted a fresh start and I wanted it to feel open, light and simple.

My walls are Sherwin Williams - Repose Grey & trim color is Sherwin Williams - Extra White.

What pieces are you most excited about?

I really love the window coverings.  The white sheer drapes were already hanging from this room being my older girl's room first.  They were very expensive and I left them up because of their length.  I don't have another window that height in my home.  Usually you put the sheers in front of your curtains, but I left them behind more for decor, and it turned out amazing.  I also am loving the way the crib looks with the hoops above it in front of the accent wall!  Oh yeah, and who doesn't love a rug that can be thrown in the washing machine?!

Did you make anything for the space?

The only thing we made was the accent wall.  Our walls were textured, so we had to glue sheets of MDF board and then nail the runner boards over them to create this Board and Batten Wall. <---- DIY Tutorial Link

How long did it take you to realistically finish the space?

Surprisingly, this space came together rather quickly.  I started with the crib and built from there.  I was able to order most everything online, with the exception of stumbling upon the dresser at my local Pier One.  The hardest part of spaces like this, for me, are the details - what baskets to use, and how to decorate the shelves and walls while making the space functional?  I would say all together it took a good month of consistent decorating, but I am still making subtle changes as I find must have items.

Did you ever hit a roadblock when pulling this room together?


Are there any design blogs that influence your overall style or specific vision for this space? 

I don't follow any particular blogs, but I do a lot of image searching on google.  For instance, when I knew I wanted a white modern crib, I simply googled that phrase under images and scrolled until I saw a nursery photo with a crib I liked.  Then I searched endlessly for the name of the crib until I found an ordering site for it.  What I found happening was I would look for one thing, and then find a photo of an idea I wanted to steal.  For example, the photo of the crib I used had hoops hanging over it.  I knew I wanted an accent wall and decided these greenery hoops would be perfect.  Before that search I hadn't decided what I wanted to put on the wall above the crib!  Things fell into place and I just had to trust that my vision would all come together once it was completed.

What makes this space special & different or sets it apart from the other nurseries you’ve created for Avery & Ellie?

This nursery is special because Charley is a double rainbow baby.  We went through years of infertility, 2 miscarriages, and flood with Harvey, 6 months of failed IUI, and finally a successful round of IVF for her.  I think that made me appreciate and cherish the process of her nursery on a higher level.  Most moms don't do a nursery for a third child, but I felt like I deserved it.  So I went for it, and it is a beautiful reminder that God has a plan and a road to take for us to get there, but in the end his plan is glorious.

Any encouraging words for women, mommas & mommas-to-be?

Having a baby during a national quarantine has been a rollercoaster experience.  This being on the heels of an infertility battle has heightened the emotions to a level not many women understand.  But we all have our stories.  We all have our struggles, all to different degrees, but they are ours to experience.  Don't be afraid to feel, to hurt, to cry and to recover.  Becoming a momma is hard under all circumstances.  We have to remind ourselves that this isn't a competition.  Be the best mom that YOU can be, and dive into motherhood feet first.

Lastly, is there a sentimental piece in the nursery? If so, would you care to share?

The story behind the name plate is very special to me.  One of my very best and very young friends lost her husband in December.  She has been a pillar of strength for me and I learn every day how much us as woman are capable of by watching her navigate a situation that no woman should every have to go through.  She is an amazing mother and wife and an extraordinary friend.  She gifted this name plate to me, and though Charley's name doesn't have a special story behind it, I hung it in the nursery above her changing pad so that I have a constant reminder of God, love and strength when I see it.


Thank you Jen for sharing your sweet space for baby Charley, and giving us all a window into your journey! Thank you for your life giving words of encouragement.


If you have any additional questions about this space or for Jennifer, you can follow the thread on my facebook page. If you too have been busy on a project during this quarantine season and you'd like to share, please email me at -


Shop the nursery :

Eucalyptus Greenery Hoops

Round Wooden Mirror

Babyletto Crib


Foot Stools

Planters (larger size for plant and smaller size for diapers

Rug - Lorena Canals

Fiddle Fig Tree


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