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Prom Glam

Prom has grown into something far larger than it ever used to be, and I like it! As an adult, I would love nothing more than to do prom all over again, but since that is socially unacceptable at 29, I have decided to insert myself into the beautification process of all who will have me. I freelance as a makeup artist here and there, so you could say that I know my way around. Hannah plopped down into my blue velvet wingback and we cranked up the tunes! She chose a timeless fitted black gown and had her eyes set on a classic face to match. Here is all the fun in hyper speed!

Headed to prom and want this look? Below is a list of products used to create this classic beauty! Be safe at prom and as my mom used to say,

"Make right choices."

#Style #makeup


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