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Justin has just finished his first of two years of grad school at The University of Texas - Austin. This particular program requires us to commute 5 hours one weekend every month. That means we have to budget 2 nights of hotel / food / gas each month, which can add up pretty quick. Lucky for him, I'm a girl that likes to save!

We are not fancy people, but anyone can enjoy fancy for popper's prices if you search and use the right tools! For us, that is Priceline. Each month we book crazy beautiful Resort Hotel accommodations for the same price to book a Red Roof Inn. I mean why would you not??

How do I do it?

1.) Create an account - I created an account with Priceline many years ago and that one step unlocks more savings for registrants than if you were to book and checkout as a guest.

2.) Express Deal - Many hotels are willing to drop prices much lower than they would like to admit publicly. The express deal allows the hotel to fill rooms for a reduced price and still save face. I benefit from this angle each month! You get to pick the star rating and area and they will tell you what hotel you will stay at once you click "book". It is a bit of a mystery, however, with control over star rating, I have never been let down!

3.) Loyalty - Once Priceline noticed that I was a "regular" they began emailing me a 10% OFF coupon code after every trip. So on top of steps 1 & 2, I save even more!

My Priceline Deals : Omni Hotel downtown Austin, Hotel Derek, Renaissance Austin, Omni Golf Resort - Bee Cave, The Houstonian, Hilton of the Americas, Hotel Fresa - Tokyo, Drops Villas - Santorini, Greece, and many more.


The Renaissance Austin Hotel & Resort where we stayed for $94.50 per night, is a FOUR STAR class accommodation!! A 4 star hotel in Austin, normally goes for upwards of $200-$250. I would know, because I study rates every month! Well, just so you will believe me, take a look at the place I scored with Priceline!

On average I save between 45-55% by booking with Priceline, so it is definitely worth a shot on your next road trip or international adventure!





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