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Pleated Skirt | Shop This Spring Look

I have never before owned a pleated skirt, that I actually liked, until now. My sister and I, as kids, had KHAKI pleated skirts. Mom made us wear them on family picture day. If you remember Olan Mills, then please raise your hand. I'm also having intense flashbacks of Glamour Shots in the mall - YIKES!

Moving right along...

I love the flow and simplicity of this sheer pleated skirt from Forever 21. Im not tall, so to remedy that problem, I tied a big knot at knee's length. I stack up at a solid 5 foot 2 inches, so I've had to get a bit creative with my clothes at an early age. I remember a time in middle school hemming my own jeans late into the night, and altering skirts that didn't quite fit. I've also been known to push some tissue into the toe of a shoe that I just had to have (despite the fact they DID NOT FIT)!

My gold accessories here are pretty simple, and sturdy because Im constantly on the go running around with my kiddo. For that I have a gold bangle and a classic throw back digital Cassio watch !

Lastly, I dressed it way down for an everyday wear with an army green button up from H+M.

If you are feeling this easy look, then shop it with the links below!





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