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Oval Brushes | Are They Worth the hype?

Do i really need them??

Oval Brushes

Photo Credit: Linsey McNeel

If you are like me, then lets talk dollars and cents FIRST !

These brushes retail high, upwards of $500 for a set with Artis and MAC. Now, if you are looking for a cheaper option, as I assume you are, then good news - they retail for only $30 on Amazon! At that price you can test them out guilt free, and upgrade later if you choose.

Link for purchase:

Product Perks :

1.) Design : Most of your makeup brushes are 'artist' brushes, meaning they are designed to apply makeup to another, however, most people use them for self application. Oval brushes on the other hand are designed for one to apply makeup to their own face. You could say that these brushes allows you to #youdoyouboo !

2.) Brush : The bristles are incredibly soft (so soft it will sooth a fussy babe - literally) and very dense. The density of the synthetic bristles allows for an even distribution of product and soft smooth application. The gazillion bristles that are in each brush make for an effortless blend which means you don't have to buff and blend - It does the work for you!

** I was concerned that all those bristles would consume my product, but not the case. The dense synthetic bristle design smooths product for a full coverage application!

3.) Variety : Like your regular brushes, there are SO many pretty brushes to pick and choose from. Despite the fact that these brushes have recently created a quick buzz, they have actually been around for quite a long time. There are many finishes to choose from, however, you will most likely have to make your purchase online, as most stores do not carry this line as of yet. I loved the rose gold finish that even the cheaper amazon brand offered!

Which brush do I use ?

Here is a very rough breakdown of what is used and where. Now, with the foundation application, it all really comes down to preference. Most people I have researched like using the larger brushes for foundation. I, however, like using a smaller to medium sized brush, so foundation and powder brushes can be interchanged, but the rest will generally remain for concealing blending and sculpting.

Application Tip #1 : Foundation and Powder should be applied in soft fluid swipes.

Application Tip #2 : With powder, be light handed. Each brush is densely packed, so a little powder goes a long way.

*** Some people ask, "Do you use these brushes for eyeshadow?" I tried using them, but I don't get the best end product. For eyes and liners, I will stick with my conventional eyeshadow blending brushes.

Whats in my makeup bag ?

Here is a rundown on my favorite everyday things!

1.) Nars Sheerglow - FIJI

2.) Baby Lips - Dr. Rescue

3.) Philosophy - Day & Night creme

4.) Nars blush - Torrid

5.) Josie Maran - 100% Argan Oil (Nightime on the face. I love putting it on my cuticles!)

6.) Dior Show Blackout Mascara

7.) MAC Prolonger - Concealer

8.) MAC Studio Fix NW22

9.) Anastasia - Brow Pomade - Dark Brown (Used with a MAC 208 angled brush)

10.) Too Faced Bronzer - Chocolate Soleil

11.) MAC Lipsticks - Pink Plaid or Viva Glam II


Photo Credit: Linsey McNeel

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