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Olly Probiotics | Protecting My Babies From the FLU

After the stomach bug rendered our house defenseless about 3 months ago (add in some upper respiratory junk), I was bound and determined NOT to fall prey to the flu that has so generously saturated our state. Since Sweyzie, my 5 year old daughter, attends school and is a rabid booger fiend & nail biter, I just felt like we were doomed and it was just a matter of time. Im a fantastic hand washer, and Germ X-er, but if my little petri dish of a child comes home from school infected, its a lost cause. Side note : I use so much GermX that my fingers bleed on the regular. Really though, whats a little blood in light of the big i right?? #worthit

Since I have a 5 month old too, I felt a larger duty to take better action than the wash, wait and pray method that I was currently practicing. So, off to google I went.

According to Brenda Watson, a New York Times best-selling author and digestive care expert, "When you have an abundance of probiotic bacteria in your gut, it’s harder for the pathogenic bacteria, that comes with a cold or flu, to take hold. Probiotics also help the body to produce certain vitamins that help keep us strong and fight viruses." Um yes, sign me up! Now, which one do I get?

[ If you and or your children have taken a cycle of antibiotics recently, then the good bacteria was wiped out with the bad. Currently your defenses are down, thus you're more susceptible to viruses. You are in a greater need for a probiotic to build your good bacteria back up.]

I was in search for something that tasted good, because it would be great if she looked forward to taking it everyday. More importantly I was looking for a high culture count and multiple strains. This further bolsters your immunity and acts as little tiny soldiers that protect and serve.

We landed on Olly's grape melts and it's basically a pixie stick minus the sugar - Sweyzie loves it! She just pours it on her tongue and BAM, it melts in her mouth. I am awful at taking medicine at the same time everyday, much less administer it to my kids on the regular, so the pouches are easily thrown into my bag for those moments that I've forgotten. Lets just be honest, Im horribly forgetful, so these are lifesavers!

We are 28 days in and approaching our next box. My babies are Flu free and i'm hopeful for a healthy 2018 - Get proactive and get Olly!




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