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I know, it is crazy sounding, but yes - you can indeed induce lactation. Now it is no easy task and is not guaranteed, but possible. I just assumed that your body only lactates as a natural response to the physical birth of a child. But to my surprise, with a few techniques, herbal boosts and in some cases, hormones prescribed by a medical professional, your body can indeed nurse a baby that you did not physically give birth to. Upon learning this, I was completely intrigued, because the adoption of an infant is on the near horizon for our family. (If you wan to read more about that, you can CLICK HERE ). After uncovering this information, I thought to myself, no way. I don't think that my body can do that.

Sweyzie is my 4 year old and after giving birth to her, I nursed for about four months until one boob just up and quit without even giving her 2 weeks notice. But it wasn't long before the other boob decided she was done too. Though it was short, I am thankful for those few months of solid nutrition, but most of all, grateful for what it gave us - Closeness. I treasure those moments of her peering up at me with those big blue eyes as she nursed. My body completely sustaining hers was such a sweet time, and eased the trauma (Emergency C-Sec) of being taken out of her warm pool of protection that was my belly.

According to Breastfeeding USA,

ALL adoptions involve a loss for the child. Even a newborn infant who is placed right into the loving arms of his adoptive parents is being separated from the only mother he knows:

"Adoption universally involves loss. Babies recognize their mothers at birth and at delivery healthy babies placed on the abdomen of their mother will crawl up onto her chest and, locating the nipple via its familiar smell, will attach to her breast and suckle. Newborn infants desire to remain with their mother and if removed from skin-to-skin contact with her will give a specific "separation distress cry/call" as an appeal for reunion. Maternal separation is stressful for infants, and all adopted children have experienced the loss of their birth mother." (Gribble, 2006)

Sweyzie has lived her lifetime with the familiarity of my voice close by and had the privilege of never leaving my chest as a babe, but the child in our future will not be afforded that same thing. That child will leave the comforting voice of their birth mother and be given to me - a complete stranger to them. Now knowing what I know is possible, I can't help but wonder if my body truly is capable of such things?

After casually checking out the breast pump scene I came across this pump, that I'm sure Zenon - Girl of the 21st Century is using for her tots.



If inducing lactation didn't just blow your mind, this surely will! There is a product that is about to hit the scene - A cordless, hands-free breast pump!

This robotic mom gift of the future is called the Willow. It is comprised of 2 tear drop pumps with internal motors that are inserted into a nursing bra. They are completely hidden and discreet which means FREEDOM. To top it off, it is controlled by the Willow app on your phone and keeps track of how much milk is extracted from each breast. I almost couldn't believe it myself, so check out this video so you know I am not lying:


Here are some helpful links that I have been turning to for information :



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