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Not your Grandma's Headboard

It is Friday and my chores are done, (but even if they aren't - heck, it's still Friday) what kind of awesomeness can i be responsible for today?

My bed was bare and in need of some pizazz, so I pulled my resources together and this is what I came up with!

Recreate this look: Bedding, Nightstand & Lamp-Target | Throw Pillows-Ross Gold Geode- Sears | Decorative Head Plate-Earthbound Trading Co.

I can't speak for everyone, but as for me, I find a lot of satisfaction making something with my own hands - whether it's building something from scratch or bringing something back to life. I think it's woven into the fabric of who we are as humans- created to create, rebuild and restore. We are all industrious beings, and created with purpose. So I encourage you to nourish that industrious bit inside your core and create beauty today and everyday!

This project requires absolutely no creativity and a very small budget! Typically a headboard/footboard can run you $500-$5,000, but with just a few items, you can have a beautiful eye-catching headboard for $100 or less. This is a project for literally ANYONE!

Shopping List :

1.) Particle board

2.) Staple Gun & Staples

3.) Batting

4.) Upholstery Fabric

Hmmmm, That would be good to know:

You can find a 4X8 sheet of particle board at your local Lowes home improvement store for $10 or less. Depending on what size bed you are fitting your headboard to, you can have it cut down to size before you leave Lowes. Dad, grandpa, or a nice neighbor will have a staple gun and staples if you don't already have one, however, it is a great DIY essential to keep on hand! Next, and most fun, head on over to your fabric store and pick out your favorite cut of upholstery. Upholstery is important as it is thick durable and will last.


1.) Layer your fabric on the bottom - design side down (making sure there is overlap to staple)

2.) Place batting onto the fabric (centered)

3.) Lay the Particle Board centered in the middle (may need some muscle to center without snagging)

4.) Staple each side until your heart's content pulling fabric taught to prevent slack and rippling.

5.) VOILA!

Now, once you hang it up and style your bed, and lets not forget to post a killer pic to IG, then it's finally time to curl up and read a book or binge on Netflix.

Go to the Contact Page to submit pics of your creations - I WANT TO SEE THEM!!!

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