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NARS Sheerglow

Lots of people message me and ask what my favorite foundation is. I will say, absolutely, hands down NARS Sheerglow from Sephora. It is often hard to use the same foundation year round, however, she never lets me down! I enjoy and appreciate how dynamic the mixture is because it wears lightly, however, coverage isn't compromised. My skin doesn't dry out and I don't experience breakouts (even if I fall asleep with my makeup on...eeek). It is hard to find a foundation that gives ample coverage and still achieve that natural appeal, but NARS Sheerglow does!

Now, I tend to have darker tones under my eyes, like most women who don't get enough sleep, so to remedy that I couple it with MAC ProLong Wear concealer ($18).

For foundation application, I love my large oval brushes (which I reviewed months back). For the concealer I apply gently under the eye and blend with my sponge.

If you are interested in my full face application, see the oval brush review for a list of what is in my makeup bag.

TIP : NARS is available at Sephora and they are wonderful about giving generous samples.

Cost: $44 - And totally worth it, because she won't disappoint!


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