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Mom Jeans & Heels | Who Ever Said You Couldn't

I don't always wear heels, but when I do, I don't forget my mom jeans! [Ha ha ha ha ha...]

I know pairing a baggy denim pant with heels seems odd, but I promise, it can be done. I have always enjoyed styling my clothes, and putting unlikely pieces together, and when I'm 80, I imagine that I'll do just the same.

My slow rollin' husband will surely be able to spot me at the retirement center, because I plan on rocking a posh moo-moo and kitten heels (like a boss) with that week's tinted hair wash and a fresh rouge! Poor thing says he knew what he was getting into when he married me...but did he really?

I digress...

I snagged these distressed boyfriend jeans at H&M. They fit at the hips and nowhere else. They are extremely comfortable and I wear them probably more than I should.

* I like to roll the bottom into a cuff at the ankle. If you need a more fitted cuff and rolling isn't doing the trick, then I normally slide a hair tie over my jeans and then roll. This will give you a more fitted cuff and allow your jeans to hug at the ankle.

This loose black T is from Old Navy and I have this one several times over. Old Navy is great for their basics! I threw in an old work blazer because it makes me feel awesome, which is nice after a day of 4 year old defeat.

Here is some more great inspiration!

Boyfriend Jeans & Heels

Image Source : Who What Wear

Boyfriend Jeans & Heels

Image Source : JPS

Boyfriend Jeans & Heels

Image Source : The Glitter Guide

Boyfriend Jeans & Heels

Image Source : Glam Radar



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