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Modern Girl's Bedroom

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

This is the second space in a 10 room project that I am working on and I presented both design visions to my client for review. I was completely in love with both options, so I would have been delighted with either one. Instead of picking A or B, we decided to merge them pulling different pieces to create magic! I also made an on-the-spot wild card decision in the last days...

As I may have stated, this room is for a 9 year old. Since this space has to be transitional in nature, I wanted each piece to be very stage forward, yet meet the needs of the present. In addition to that, I wanted the end product to have high end appeal without breaking the bank.

With that said, I took a couple of classic Ikea pieces and upgraded them for some fancy flavor!

I took the IKEA Kallax organizer and leveled it up with 7in lucite legs from Osborne Wood. This company specializes in specialty lumber, but is taking interest in widening the scope of product that they offer. So many fun new products to check out, from bun feet to tall table legs.

Since IKEA pieces are rarely solid wood, I couldn't use traditional hardware to fasten them together, so I pulled out my trusty Gorilla Glue epoxy. Now if you raised your eyebrows at the word "epoxy", you should know that this is tough stuff!! This particular adhesive is basically a resin when cured out and is rated for 3,300 psi per square inch.

I used large clamps (you can pick some cheap ones up at Harbor Freight) to set the epoxy for 2 hours. I didn't flip the organizer over though for another 24 hours to allow for a proper cure. Before flipping this upgraded piece over, I gave each leg a good whack for peace of mind.

I would like to report that this organizer is standing tall - sturdy as ever!

Remember that wild card purchase I mentioned earlier? Well after installing the vinyl Dalmatian print wall sticker, that wall was calling out for more. I kept staring at this long printed surface, but what??? I knew it was going to have to smack me in the face.

And smack me it did! I came across a bolt of fabric and it spoke kindly to my eyes! It had every color element represented so I went with my gut. It was a 50/50 chance that it could not work, and look awful, but...

It was exactly what this wall needed to break up the Dalmatian print and brought some much needed visual balance. It is so dynamic and I am very pleased with the end product!

V I N Y L W A L L S T I C K E R - D A L M A T I A N P R I N T

I used the Target Brand Peel and stick wallpaper in Dalmatian print I needed 5 rolls ($29.99/each). This wall vinyl cost me $150 and only a couple hours to complete. I even had some left over pieces that I used for small accents in the hidden book nook behind the curtain.

** If you want a tutorial for the vinyl wall sticker, checkout the highlight real on my instagram for a video play-by-play with lots of tips and tricks to ensure a good end product! Its a very fun and satisfying project!

Leftovers can also be used for drawer bottoms in dressers or small closet spaces. Here is a fun way that Diana Elizabeth (Life & Style Blog) used a similar print a sassy closet makeover.


I enjoy making opposites work in a space. I also like matching unlikely pairs that weirdly make sense. I think that this room is one of those beautiful matches. The headboard feels very rich & royal. Couple that with the modern & mid-century details and I think it makes a fun balanced pairing.


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