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As I've said before, a successful design is preceded by a great plan! Below, you will see a digital workup, and wow - all the details are luxurious! From 12' custom window treatments to 100lb burnished brass chandelier - there are quite a bit of design elements to cover!

First, let's talk lighting. This room required a sizable chandelier with good coverage. Have you seen these ceilings? Normally in designing a space, the common goal is to lift the eye. In order to make these grand ceilings cozy & intimate, this space required just the opposite.

This burnished brass beauty stretches 6ft, and its presence brings that eyeline down nicely. Immediately upon installation, it transformed the whole mood of the room. Lighting plays one of the larger roles in a space, so it pays to give quite a bit of thought in that arena!

This home is unique in many ways, but one characteristic that had to be kept into consideration is that the whole home was built on a 4 degree shift. So basically, if you're looking for a straight line, you won't find one!

Let's talk custom cabinetry. Now that you know that nothing is square, I am proud to say that Texas Built Cabinets built this wardrobe and it fit like a glove. Nothing about this project was easy or text-book, but wow - they matched the Hickory stair treads and really pulled this beast of a project off!

Looking at the photos, you'd never know that the staircase was floating before. This wardrobe piece looks intentional and like its been there all along.

In order to highlight the notes of blush and bring in some understated femininity I selected this fabulous Jonathan Adler sofa. I know you are all doing what I did when I saw this bathroom. I'll give you a minute to pick your jaw up off the floor.

Beaumont's G&G Enterprises remodeled this bath suite into a beautiful & contemporary work of art. There are so many elements to be noticed! From the sauna, to the open rainfall shower, who would want to leave?

Because the bath suite glass plays such a large role in the space, it makes sense to pull it into the design in smaller doses. In doing so, I sourced these lucite barrel chairs from Scout Design Studio and topped them with a sheepskin - one of my go-to textures.

If ever I had to pick a specialty furniture boutique that meets the aesthetic of my brainwaves, it would easily be Scout! Check out all the fun wonder that is born in this place!!!!

This space had to check many boxes. Rich dark color and texture are weighed evenly against the notes of luxe femininity for a beautiful & sexy mood.

Notice the Ashley Longshore coffee table book. This is such a fun and funky book that is both beautiful and fun tho thumb through! Click the image below to shop the book!


Thank you for joining this Master suite tour and shout out to my beyond awesome clients Jennifer & Chris Burch of Best Hospice Care of Texas! They put their entire home in my hands with full creative license!


Are you are a homeowner in Beaumont or Houston looking to make a big splash in your space? Are you launching a business and looking for a designer to help make your space a real success? Are you a homebuilder looking to set your product apart from the rest?

The C+E calendar is currently booked up through 2020, however interviewing for select projects as soon as Jan - 2021.

We'd love to serve you!

Photo Credits : John Ishee Photography


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