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Living Lofty in Downtown Beaumont

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Who would have thought people were living so cool in Beaumont, can you believe it?!? It is always so inspiring when you spot others going against the grain and doing something just a bit different than the rest. Going rogue and doing your own thing inspires, and people take least I did. With that said, I'm both excited and honored to bring you Kayla Falke's funky boho loft located right here in downtown Beaumont!

Kayla is a stylist at The Loft Hair Studio on Pearl where she creates hair magic for her long list of clientele, whom she loves. Her career began in Austin, Texas but it eventually led her back home where she has put down roots with her beau Cole and son Vayden. Together, they have a tasty little space that is rich with story and treasures!

Lets begin with the entry - can I be the bellman and carry bags for tips please? This is the cutest front door with all the Secret Garden greens. Shoot, lets be honest, I'd be happy just standing here and waving at people as they walked by for free.

To be clear we were complete strangers, having never met in real life, until now. Thank you Instagram for these new fun friendships! She met met me at the door with a smile and a hug, then we were off! Up a few stairs and I felt like I was in another city. I walked in and my eyes were immediately locked on a delicious pair of chartreuse velvet wingback chairs.

[Where is the heart eye emoji when you need it most?]

With just a little poking and prodding, she divulged all her thrifting spots (see links below) ! She scored this pair of pretty sitters for only $50 each at BAW Resale and I was green with envy.

The resale shop is really a warehouse and prepare to spend at least 2+ hours because there is just SO much wonder to unpack and take in! Barbara and Lucretia are the sweetest and most helpful, so make sure to introduce yourself! Those chairs aren't the only treasures she has collected from there either!

My favorite piece is this blue chest, that was once a dresser in it's previous life. Must have been a very well behaved dresser for such a stylish reincarnation - LOL. It was redone with the blue & white wall hanging in mind on the adjacent wall.

It was originally wood toned with dark brassy hardware, so she decided to roll up her sleeves and make a change. I LOVE THIS BLUE - stay tuned for the brand and color, she is going to dig the gallon out of her storage barn soon!

She knocked out a few shelves, took some doors off and sanded down the hardware for a rich glossy look. Its such a great focal piece and has such a swanky wall to be posted up on.

Before moving on, can we just scroll back up and appreciate that backdrop of exposed brick with cracked plaster that looks to be straight out of a flat in SOHO, NYC - Such stylish bones to live in!

This brass top coffee table was a beautiful mish mash, that was picked up on the fly in the TX hill country for a whopping $50. The legs and the top were completely separate pieces that Kayla just threw together for magic. And magic it is!

Kayla is momma to son Vayden, however, she also has many little green children scattered around the house that need a little love and attention too. Lucky for me, I was able to catch her in her natural habitat doing what she does on the weekends - watering the babies with her hammered copper tea kettle and some serious chair sittin'.

Now if all of this wasn't cute enough, she had to go and throw in some fur! I love a good cow skin rug mostly when it's styled funky and eclectic [duh - of course I would].

Technically I wasn't allowed to shoot the kitchen because she isnt finished with it yet, but I managed to sneak a window shot to peek through! #sorrynotsorry She painted the walls a soft apricot pink and they remind me of Dabito, designer & blogger of Old Brand New - Guesthouse kitchen. It is worth a lookie loo!

If you are like me (and Kayla) then you too, have a piece of furniture with some imperfections to hide... so i can appreciate a good stylish cover up! She found this blanket from Goodwill and isn't she a beauty!?! Its like it belonged there all along. I think my favorite things are the ones that were not intended to be paired, but make for a fabulous match!

That about wraps up November's home tour so, if you enjoyed taking a peek through this swanky boho downtown loft, show some love and share with your friends! If you're really feeling froggy, then show Kayla some IG lovin' and maybe schedule a haircut with her at The Loft Hair Studio - she is super fun!


Links :

Baw Resale - 280 Orange Street Beaumont, TX 77701

Urban Habitat - 4145 Gladys Beaumont, TX 77706

Farm Road 409 - 2515 Calder Ave Beaumont, TX 77702

I'm currently looking for my December Home Tour feature as we speak, so if you have fun Christmas decor or you know of someone styling their Christmas a bit different this year, I want to know! Don't be shy, shoot me an email with a picture and I'd love to show southeast Texas what you've got!

Have fun out there!

Linsey McNeel

TCE Interiors


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