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Japan Adoption Update | Express Checkout

You know when you go grocery shopping and realize that you may just qualify for the "20 Items or Less" aisle? Most times I am pushing that limit, so I have to make a quick count - 19. I proudly enter the checkout line at this point, and proceed to people watch for the next couple of minutes.

Well, that is the best way to compare our adoption situation right now. On July 4th, we got exciting news that we were finally, after 41 days of waiting, on THE LIST. [I screamed at the mailbox, and then I cried] It was even a number in the single digits too. We were #9!! Notice I said, "were". On July 10th, we got more news that we had already been bumped to #8. For those of you not counting, that was only 6 days. Fast forward to Thursday July 27th, and we were bumped to #6. It is all happening so fast, I can't handle the excitement! Again, we are #6!

So back to the express checkout idea, do you get it? Way more exciting than weekly groceries, but I feel like our checkout line is moving extremely quick and I am not mad about it. Now I am sure, at some point, someone will whip out the proverbial checkbook, thus slowing the line a bit, but I am thankful for the quick movement we have experienced, thus far.

Our agency has also informed us that there are 9 births scheduled before the end of August. Still a timeline is unknown, but it is safe to say that we may be bringing a baby home by year's end. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Things, as you can see, are moving right along, and at some point I am going to have to bust out that debit card and settle my accounts. Adoption is expensive, so the analogous 19 items in my cart are not cheap off brand Oreos and Wal-Mart oatmeal. No, No. Im checking out with Perrier sparkling water, organic Coconut Oil and bag full of those off season cherries if you know what I mean...

Well, because I am no stranger to a coupon or a good discount code (namely a Hobby Lobby 40% OFF), I have spent a good bit of my time lately applying for adoption grants, and I am hopeful and prayerful for good news on that front. Also, most of you have seen our second T-shirt making its way around. We have 143 shirts left and if all sold, we would be able to put $4,000 in the adoption pot and alleviate some cost. The 57 shirts that have been sold so far will be worn and represented in Tokyo (how cool?), California, Texas, Indiana, Mexico, and Arkansas.

If you are interested in purchasing a T-Shirt for $25.00, you can shop the link HERE

When we set out to adopt in Oct of 2016, we set out to adopt debt-free - crazy I know. It is a rather big undertaking, and of that we are very aware, but He is faithfully shifting our mountain. We look onward, very hopeful to tomorrow's heavenly provisions! Lets look back at His faithfulness though, fleshed out by all of you. I am filled with overflowing gratitude! We have over 200 adoption shirts that are currently worn around the world! So blessed to be so loved!

Prayer Requests going forward :

Protection - That our baby grow healthily in his or her birth mothers womb, receiving the nutrients and protection they need and a safe delivery.

Covering - That the birth mother be filled with peace and comfort as she prepares to make the hardest decision of her life.

Finances - That we are approved for the adoption grants we have applied for, ultimately closing our last gap in adoption finances.

Selfish request - For my tired heart in the waiting.

Thank you and more to come as things change!



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