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Japan Adoption | Timing The Process

If you are considering a Japan Adoption, here is a good breakdown of events. It is a giant wait, with many tasks to be completed along the way. All those said tasks make it the best example of active waiting. The whole process is involved which means that there is little idle time.

This is a sidetone, but as you wait, I would suggest finding little ways to connect to your baby even in the beginning. My mom thoughtfully stamped the Tokyo coordinates into a copper plate and strung it on a strip of leather. I paired that bracelet with my beautiful Frankie watch by JORD, that was set to Tokyo time, every morning. It was a subtle [and stylish] way to stay connected to my mystery baby at the time. Those pieces made a world of difference [pun intended], because it tied my heart to Tokyo from the start. It's the little things you know!?

Back on topic... We have been home from Japan for 3 months now, so I am going to be as detailed as I possibly can on how each piece of the puzzle works and how long it took for our family to adopt - please understand that every adoption and timeframe is different.

Faith International prepared us with an adoption wait that could span between 12-24 months. They informed us that some are shorter and some take longer, it just depends. For our family, it only took a short 10 months!

Disclaimer : As I stated above, I will be detailed about our timeframe, but note that every adoption story is different and have completely different timeframes.

A P P L I C A T I O N T O A G E N C Y - 2 W E E K S

The very beginning step was our application to Faith International. We sent off our application at the beginning of November 2016. The application didn't take long to complete. In addition to the application they also required photos. I don't ever really print off pictures, so we included some of our Chatbooks. I live my life pretty daily on Instagram so they were a fun way to show a slice of candid life. I think I sent in 2 or 3 booklets with my application. I used to scrapbook, but children happened, and well...these are a thoughtless auto shipped wonderment in my life!

Sending our application in !