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Japan Adoption | Our Latest Update

We are so close to the waiting list, and I can't hardly wait. But before that, we had one last thing to do...

If you know me, then you know that I have struggled with biting my fingernails for quite some time now. Sometimes, I will go months and even years without biting them, and then relapse out of the blue for no apparent reason. I had beautiful nails too, and then one day - BAM, they were nubs. I didn't see a suspenseful movie, nor was I particularly nervous about anything. It just happened.

Then, in the middle of May, we received an official piece of mail notifying us that we would be fingerprinted by The Department of Homeland Security. At first I was so excited, because it is the last thing we will have to do before we are formally given our place in line for our adoption, but on the other hand, I was so embarrassed for my fingers to be handled to any degree by another.

[ Remember on The Wizard of Oz when the witch's legs roll up and shrivel under the house?] That is what my fingers wanted to do. The only thing that could possibly be more embarrassing is if I had patches of fur growing on each of my knuckles.... Luckily I don't.

All in all, yesterday's fingerprinting appointment went well, however I did avoid eye contact with the printing agent, so not to face claiming those hobbit hands of mine... I still wondered though what was going through her mind when she was pressing my prints to the glass.

Now that our Bio-Metric prints are done and logged into the system, our 7 months of pre adoption paperwork is now finally complete. Where do we go from here? In 2 weeks time, we will be assigned our number on the waiting list, something that I am chomping at the bit for! In celebration of us completing that phase of tedious paperwork, we decided to spend the afternoon reflecting back & looking forward in the Japanese Gardens of Houston's Herman Park.

For us, it was a dreamy place to be on such a sunny day, in wonder & awe of what our God is doing and has done. Through it all, I am reminded that He has gone before us. He is always on time & never late. He thinks of everything and forgets nothing. He works everything for good. He is the first and the last and triumphs over all.



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