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How We Stayed at the OMNI for $65

My husband is a quarter of the way through his masters program at The University of Texas at Austin. This program requires him to be in the classroom one weekend every month, which means we have to budget for a weekend away from home. We are also, as you know, in the middle of an International Adoption to Japan, so you could say that we are looking to cut costs ANYWHERE we can.

For anyone who lives in Texas, I would venture to say that Austin may rank as a top favorite getaway spot. Austin City Limits is this music scene's most prized event of the year pulling people for hundreds of miles to one place for a fun filled weekend. Texas Football season is also a huge crowd pull for this amazing city. Whether you are traveling to ATX, or anywhere in the world really, know that there is a great way to live large for less!

Just to give you a visual, Super 8 is a 1-Star Rated Hotel and the price is $65/per night. Would you believe me if I told you that I am writing this very article from the luxurious suite of the OMNI Hotel for the exact same price?? Well, believe it...because I did, and its not the first time I have scored the jackpot of hotels with Priceline.

No - but for real, I scored the OMNI Hotel for $ 6 5 D O L L A R S - A - N I G H T ... L O O K A T T H A T P O O L !

( I just said that in a slow bold voice for extra emphasis )

Regular Price at The Omni Hotel is $215 + /per night, so I saved a whopping $300!!!!!!!!


How did I score such savings you ask? Well I have an account with Priceline that allows me to unlock more savings than if I cashed out as a 'guest'. On top of that, I book my reservations as an Express Deal and save on average 60% . On top of that, because I am a regular customer, they treat me with an extra 10% off with coupons sent straight to my email!

This strategy has landed me hotels like The OMNI, Hotel Derek - My Personal Fav, Doubletree, Hilton Hotel of the Americas, Barton Creek Resort & Spa, JW Marriot, and more!



Internationally speaking - I scored a 2 bedroom, 1 Bathroom House with my own personal pool and homemade breakfast at The Drops Villas in Santorini, Greece for $200/per night - It was breathtaking!! Staff was so kind and everything was SO clean and crisp, not to mention, white on white in true Greek form. Stunning views during sunrise and sunset as the iconic windmills decorate your painted sky.

If you want to see & read more from our trip to Athens & Santorini, those articles are linked below:




Vacation smart and don't pay full price for anything with Priceline.



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