Headscarf | Something New To Try This Spring

The idea of a head scarf is appealing, however, it may have you questioning your ability to pull it off. To that I say, "YOU DO YOU BOO!" With SO MANY wrap styles and knot techniques, there is surely a look that will work for you. I am excited to bring you artists from all over the world and splash you with a little spring/summer wardrobe inspiration! Of course you will need to practice, so grab a scarf and lets go!

First up, Lauren Harpe - Youtube Vlogger from Harpe Diem, shows us the statement of a big classic knot! Despite what you may think, this is actually quite easy to do, and one of my favorite styles! I love her beautiful curly hair and how full her finished look is. Lucky for me, I have the privilege of doing life alongside this gem and her heart is a beautiful one!

Next we have the team from LoveAphrodite, a designer scarf boutique in heart of Melbourne, Australia. I love the bold scarves these ladies are wearing and paired with a casual t-shirt and jeans, gives this look some serious boho vibes. It is a simpler technique that consists of a messy bow in either the back or the front giving you a more thrown together feel.

Love Aphrodite - Designer Head Scarves

This full & tucked wrap, may be the easiest look and is a great way to add some quick understated flare to your style. If you are around the house or running errands for the day, this may be a good way to work a good headscarves in. I love this messy style for the beach too!