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Handmade with Love

I recently came across a quote that my friend Chris Harpe posted on social media.

"You lack nothing. Use what I gave you."


With that said, I think there is something special when someone makes something beautiful with their hands. When that happens, we exercise a specific talent & skill that God thoughtfully placed in us from the very beginning. He cared enough about me to give me specific passions and drive to create something beautiful for His purpose and Glory. He gave each and everyone of YOU a very specific set of skills and passions too!

What moves you? What excites you? What drives you? What do you look forward to?

Well, I have a friend that has a beautiful set of skills and a passion for sewing. She makes wonderful things with her hands. I want to encourage her by letting everyone know about Roro's Closet. Her workmanship and eye for detail, makes her pieces one of a kind and incredibly unique! She makes children's clothing and some specialty items as well.

My personal favorite is the lamb she made for my daughter this Christmas! She makes many other animals, however, my little has a love for all the sheep. Sweyzie loved her from the minute she ripped open the wrapping paper! I mean, we have a slew of stuffed animals, but to children each one of them have a special thing about them.

We have this ugly cat thing for instance, and somehow we never seem to lose it... I mean, we have tried. But this lamb is beautiful and I may not let her leave the house for fear of losing her and never being returned on account of her beauty!

Just look at the knit head wrap, I want one. And NO amount of fiber induced mascara is gonna give me lashes like those!

This little lamb is just adorable and there are other animals to choose from. Whitney makes all kinds of dresses and outfit sets with beautiful fabric combos, so check her out (link below) !

Want to win a FREE DOLLY ?? Click the link below!

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