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Funky Space & Sophisticated Glam

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Lately I've had to re-evaluate my creative process in order to increase productivity. Creating a detailed vision is the same as creating an outline for a research paper back in college. An outline helps you navigate the paper much like a vision board helps you navigate the buildout of a room.

Here is the beginning of my process and Im excited to preface that the end product looks much like the vision!

So here is the vision that I cast. Walls were a nice calm white, and I took Sherwin Williams Potentially Purple to 2 accent walls for some dimension. The artwork from Society6 was a playful & polished element that brought sophisticated wonder into the space.


I love pillows. Can you tell? I have thrown 13 delicious textures, prints & shapes upon this clean hotel striped duvet. Each hue can be pulled from the art above and apart from the art makes absolutely no sense. Together though, they are magical! Fabulous pillows make me want to make my bed. If you have the same challenge, just go out and buy lots of fun pillows!

Get back to me with your experiment results!

To Balance out all the drama in an equally beautiful way, I dressed the windows with Petra Velvet curtains from Anthropologie. This set is grey with a lilac velvet border. It's a subtle way to keep the purple notes flowing in an understated way.

Target's Project 62 is a great contemporary line with lots of fun pieces - DUH! I chose to use their Dauntless brass rods because I like the clean lines!! Since it's summer, my tiny assistant was hard at work unpacking all the pieces.