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Fruit Infused Water | Lemon Lime Basil Chia

Infusing water with fresh fruit is not only fancy and fun to look at, but full of wonderful health benefits too! These waters are a great way to stay hydrated on a hot summer day, but if possible, should be incorporated into everyday life. The infusion options are endless and potentially overwhelming, so I will share my favorite of the three photographed above. This is a great way to recycle those pricey VOSS waters and get your money's worth!

L E M O N L I M E & B A S I L C H I A - I know this concoction may sound a bit out there, but it's zesty and tasty, full of natural health boosting properties.

L E M O N : According to Healthline, lemons support healthy weight loss, aids in proper digestion, freshens breath, improves skin quality, helps prevent kidney stones, and a great source of vitamin C. Lemons and limes are also natural fever reducing agents, so anyone with fever should be nursing some lemon water. This also maximizes proper hydration when you are under the weather.

L I M E : According to Organic Facts, limes also aid in weight loss, offers relief from constipation, great for eye care, and urinary disorders. Limes are considered a diabetic superfood and has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Incorporating this fruit into your regular diet is a great preventative to heart diseases, heart attack, and stroke.

C H I A S E E D S : If these seeds have you hesitant, let me tell you that you won't notice them and the benefits far outweigh your skepticism. They are a great source of Omega-3 Fatty acids and elevates your HDL (good cholesterol). These seeds are also high in anti-oxidants, fiber, iron and calcium.

B A S I L : This herb is full of disease fighting anti-oxidants, is a cancer fighting superfood, and promotes cardiovascular health. There are also antibacterial properties present in these leaves, along with anti-inflammatory agents.

H O W T O F I L L - I enjoy the full colorful look just as much as I enjoy the health benefits, so I slice my fruits and fill the empty bottle to the top with lemons & limes. When I have reached the half way mark, however, I sprinkle a bit of Chia in and do that again once its full. This allows for the seeds to be dispersed from top to bottom. Lastly, I add my sliced & scored basil leaves. Once all your ingredients are added, fill the fruited bottle with water and refrigerate until chilled. This refrigeration time, allows the Chia seed's outer skin to become soft and jelly like (again, don't worry - you won't notice them). Shake before sipping!

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