Flye Baby | Infant Airplane Sling

Most of you know we have recently completed our international adoption to Japan. If not, you can get caught up > > HERE < < When we got home from Japan with our Benji boy, I received so many questions like : "How did you travel internationally with an infant?" "How did you stay sane/handle it?" "How did you manage such a long flight with a new born?" Aside from the normal preplanning - formula, bottles, diapers, wipes etc...I found the single most important piece of equipment that made traveling a dream. I have been waiting this whole time to share it!

I knew that there had to be something out there, so after some research on the inter webs I stumbled upon the FlyeBaby. It is an infant airplane sling that eases those long winded flights. IT IS AMAZING! Now I know that you can request the bulkhead and place your baby in the fold down bed, however, it isn't a sure thing and I wasn't willing to take any chances. The FlyeBaby was incredibly comfortable and freed up my hands. I also loved that the hammock allowed me to face Benji, especially during the crucial bonding beginnings of our relationship. I was able to have some sweet first moments and we so enjoyed some sweet wee morning bottle feedings.

The journey back was primarily a night flight which also eased things for our trip, and he did so well. He was able to get some good quality sleep, and because of the 5-point harness, I was able to rest easy as well.

Because this piece is only permitted for used during the cruise portion of the flight, ( not take off or landing ) I would only suggest this product if your flight exceeds 3 hours. Flights shorter than that really don't benefit much.

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