Fiddle Leaf Fig | A Beginner's Guide To Keeping it Alive

The Fiddle Leaf Fig tree has become quite a popular plant these days. It is the staple green for editorial shoots and product catalogues worldwide. Im not gonna lie, I jumped on that train and haven't got off yet. I struggled bussed through my first 6 months of Fiddle Leaf Fig plant care, but finally found her love language. All she needed was a proper home. Every person is different. Some are cold natured and some hot natured. Some people eat to live and some live to eat. Some people love water and carry jugs around with them. Some choke down just enough water to live. I say that to say that the Fiddle Leaf Fig has her own preferences too. Here are the essential steps to keep her looking healthy!


Your Fiddle Leaf Fig should be potted correctly. It is very important to make sure she has proper draining to prevent root rot and over watering. Your pot should first have good drainage holes. As you build, there should be 2 inches of rock at the bottom. I used a large river rock at the base of my plant. Then you should mix your planting soil with a bark of some sort. This helps the soil drain quickly, and again, another step to prevent root rot. You should then pot your plant and never cover past the previous soil line. Once you have repotted your plant/tree, then she will need a good drink.


Your Fiddle Fig requires 6-8 hours of filtered, indirect sunlight. Your Fiddle Fig shouldn't be exposed to direct rays or she will get sun burnt and brown spots will appear on the interior of the leaf. She is best placed next to a sunny window. If it gets quite hot, then I would filter the light through a sheer curtain. Also, make sure you keep your tree away from a drafty air vent. Once every two months, rotate your plant so each side is getting enough sunlight and to prevent tilting...if you want your plant to grow straight.


My Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is 7 feet tall and she lives in a large metal trashcan with caster wheels. I water her once a week until she drains from the bottom. I don't water her again until the soil feels dry an inch down from the top. For my Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, the period between watering is about 7-9 days. Your tree hunkers down in the winter months and will most likely not grow new leaves. In the spring time, your plant will come alive and sprout new leaves. During the spring and summer months, you should fertilize her every other watering or twice a month. I Use Miracle Gro Plant Food from Lowes, and this has lasted me over a year. NEVER WATER WITH TAP, USE RUN OFF OR DISTILLED WATER.