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Fairy Garden | Magical & Enchanting Tiny Spaces

Fairy Gardens are so unique and I can get completely lost on Pinterest just looking at all the different things people come up with. These little living spaces are absolutely beautiful and and quite enchanting!

Last year, my mom surprised my daughter with the sweetest Fairy Garden in her back yard on the side of a tree. It was the most magical place for the smallest of visitors. Everything was scaled down and situated in great detail. It created so much wonderment in me and got my creative juices flowing. I cannot imagine how it felt as a four year old to experience such a thing! Im an adult, and my imagination was reeling at the sight of such a beautifully put together fairy garden that looked so well lived in.

There are so many places these days to purchase miniatures, however, your neighborhood Michael's craft store has the best collection that offers very detailed pieces. Their variety is far better than Hobby Lobby and much more realistic. I also love a good sale, so if you wait for them to hit 50% off, you can fully execute your Fairy garden for a much better price.

This tree side beauty was put together with a hodge podge of things from around the garage. The roof and floor levels were made from scrap wood from a previous project. A roll of twine from the craft box was used to make that sweet rope ladder with broken twigs for steps. My mom is a wine drinker, so naturally, she cut a cork into tiny stepping stones. Such a neat out of the box way to make this fairy garden so special!

The roof was decorated with a layer of flat moss that was simply hot glued for a very realistic fairy appeal. Once you have your supplies together, all you really need is a cheap hot glue gun to make your magical fairy dreams come true. This is a great Saturday adventure and also a fun way to enjoy being a kid again!

Let your imagination be your guide!


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