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Dior Product Review

Dior Diorshow Blackout Mascara:

The longevity of this product outlasts your typical drugstore mascara. My cheaper eye black (L'Oreal Voluminous) normally lasts 2-3 months before getting dried up and clumpy. I am 5 MONTHS into Diorshow and the consistency is still optimal for a smooth application - that is CRAZY! Now, maybe one shouldn't have a tube of mascara that long, but if it isn't clumpy and its still looking great, then I'm not throwing it out - Gonna get my money's worth right????

Diorshow Blackout Cost: $29.00 at Dillards Drugstore Mascara: $8-$9

If you take into consideration the longevity of the Dior tube, then it is almost a wash once you purchase 3 from the drugstore in the same period of time.

The brush is nice & wide, which is great for application, however, the bristles are a bit far apart for my liking. I prefer brushes built with more bristles that separate my lashes more. To avoid your lashes gathering, be light handed with this mascara wand.

Something to be aware of:

I have oily skin and longer lashes, so in the summer I notice some product rub off just under my brow bones. If you have dry skin all year round, then this would not be an issue. For me, this is best used as a fall / winter product when my skin dries out a bit. Those with oily skin land long lashes, proceed with caution.

Dior Nude Air: Serum de Teint

If you have ever wondered what makeup the angels use in heaven, it is probably this. Im just kidding, angels don't use makeup, but this is a heavenly concoction! I would not use this day to day, because I prefer a product with more coverage. Now for the ladies who do a more natural minimalist look, this is a wonderful thing! It is LITERALLY air!

The product is dispensed using a dropper and it is incredibly smooth and blends in with almost no effort. Once the product is applied, it does not feel like you have any makeup on at all. It is exactly the title: NUDE AIR. Aside from the amazing blend, it smells awesome too. I have never used a foundation that smelled quite as good as this one does! If you enjoy a lighter coverage comparable to that of a CC cream, then this is worth getting a sample to try out. If you are used to a formula that offers more coverage, then this may not be a good match.

This bottle goes for $54.00 at Dillard's.

That concludes my take on these products so, happy sampling ladies !

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