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When I had my daughter, I didn't have a hard time picking out most things. I knew what stroller I wanted and was pretty easy going on all other baby gear prep. The thing that gave me the most problem was a diaper bag. I didn't want something with a pattern, or cutesy theme, but rather something timeless and simple. I wanted a bag that captured style and functionality as a whole. The world of diaper bags goes on and on for eternity, so if you have had a baby already or are on the prowl yourself, then you know the struggle is very real.

The first go around with my daughter, I looked for months and months with no luck. At the last minute I settled for a sporty backpack with NO organization. It only worked with a certain look - t-shirt and sneakers. In the end, I made it work, but it wasn't something I was super excited about. And you ARE supposed to be excited about a diaper bag right???

Now as we prepare to adopt, I was left to this search yet again. Lucky for me I found my mom bag of swag early on in the game. It is a backpack, which I love because it allows me to be hands free and comfortable. Nothing is worse than a heavy bag on one shoulder, while juggling a baby on the other.

This bag looks great dressed up or down!! That means that I'm not limited to sneakers 100% of the time. I have a minimalist approach to life now and this bag is perfect with that in mind; pockets for what you need, nothing more and nothing less. There is an insulated sleeve on the interior which I love and there is a separate tablet pocket that is great for those moms that have an older child! Secret pocket for entertainment is a nice alternative when you are in a pinch. There is a nipple or pinky pouch and several designated food pouches and it also comes with a changing pad and plastic carry pouch for diapers and wipes.

Anybody have a black hole for a purse? I am familiar with that very same black hole, which makes me thankful for a light interior and well thought out organization. It helps me spot that binky that fell to the bottom, or that runaway quarter that I need for an emergency snack at the Drive-thru. Snack size M&M McFlurry ladies...? That may seem insignificant, but I appreciate the little things in this bag design.

Last but certainly not least, the interior is easily wiped down. Im no stranger to a spill or melted movie candy... Special thanks to the Quality team at Vauva for thinking this bag into existence for all us mom's who don't have it together...but sure do like to try!

Now, because this was strictly an online purchase, I had some concerns up front. I didn't know how smooth the zipper was going to be and if the material would be stiff and crunchy. I have personally had bags with big pretty zippers that snag and are a pain to use. My concerns left as soon as I opened it up and got my hands on it. The material is very flexible and of good quality and the zipper opens a closes with ease. Whew!

At the end of the day, I am just so happy to find something that was both stylish and functional because, as moms, we normally compromise one for the other.

What is also nice is that this bag doesn't have to just be for a mommy! This would be a great bag for anyone. That insulated pouch could be for a soda between classes if you are a student, or lunch break swigs for the working girl. I haven't even brought home a baby yet and I'm just carrying it around because its cute and my planner fits! For those of you that know me, you know I don't normally go anywhere without my Bando planner.



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