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Destin Florida Wedding Bells

If the idea of a large wedding makes you nervous, then a simple beach wedding may be what you are looking for! Here are a few simple things you need to pull of the perfect beach wedding.

Accommodations : Finding the perfect home to host the big day and house all your guests is made much easier with Ocean Reef Rentals. We have been vacationing in Destin, FL for over 10 years and use them every time! You want to make sure your home is beach front, because it is MUCH easier transitioning from the ceremony to reception. Because their rental repertoire is quite large, you are sure to find a home that meets your needs!

Something that was important for us in planning this event was a large deck that opened up to the beach for a candle lit dinner at sunset, and It had to have enough room for some post wedding boogy-ing too!

Family & Friends : Whether you are exchanging vows for the first time or celebrating 30 years of marriage, family and friends are just what you need there by your side. If you intend on staying in one house for a week, then you really need to like being in close quarters with them.

Delegation is key even in planning this simple event. Make sure you assign small jobs to each guest, so that the bride can truly be focused in on the love of her life. Jobs to delegate out : Flowers, menu, transitions, photos, playlist, etc...

Great Menu :

Cooking is the last thing that a bride or any guest wants to contend with on such an occasion, so finding a caterer who cooks onsite for your party is so nice! Make sure you select a chef who is able to offer a dynamic menu because that truly takes a small wedding dinner, with family, to the next level. We chose to work with the AMAZING private Chef Jekyll. This chef offered an expansive menu and he completely wowed us the whole night with each course!

Another great reason we enjoyed working with them is because they allowed us to tailor a menu to fit our budget. We had the works and each phase of the meal was truly exquisite!

Chef Jekyll conducted everything with the utmost level of professionalism, customer service and kindness.

Extras :

Twinkle lights really set the atmosphere once the sun began to set over the water. It was just enough light to enjoy great conversation beneath and create beautiful photos.

I-Phone Speakers are all you really need for an event such as this! It is simple and allows some background tunes to lace the air of your time spent together. Once your meal comes to an end, it also bridges to some getting' down on the dance floor. Helps with transitioning the event.

Simple Table Decor such as seashells and candles really make your simple dinner feel special and classy. We loved the addition of an accent metal for added sass. Here we used Aqua, burlap, natural wood, candles seashells and starfish.

Color Scheme isn't necessary, but it is nice to have a seamless event tied together with a color. Mints, aqua or blush pinks really pop under this setting! Pairing your color with a brushed silver or gold just makes it feel fancy and is best done sparingly with chargers or napkin holders.

Fresh Flowers For most weddings, flowers are a huge expense, but no the case for an event such as this. All you really need to plan for are a couple simple table bouquets and the bridal flowers. That cost is easily under $100!


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