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Custom Door Mat

I love Marshall's, HomeGoods and Ross just as much as the next girl, but I get this intense satisfaction when I create something beautiful for my space! Whether you have a creative hand or not, this is something ANYONE can do!

As many others are, I am going through a cactus phase and have been for a year! Yes, it has been a whole year and I still have 4 thriving cacti plants. My thumb is not natural green, which means that is a great improvement. So in the spirit of these lovely desert treats, I set off to paint some of my own!


1.) Plain doormat

2.) Premium acrylic paints

3.) Paint brushes

4.) Plate

5.) Pencil


You can purchase a regular plain doormat from Ross for $10-$15, however, I decided to go with a wooden entry board. I purchased this one from Wal-Mart for $14.97, but you could easily make this for cheap cheap. For the sake of time, I just went with this one!


I really like the Waverly brand from Wal-Mart. They have lots of shades to choose from for $1.37 each. Be sure to select a paint that will withstand the elements. These are a premium grade that, once dry, are water resistant.


Any will do, but I like having a couple different sizes. the tiny one really allows for the smaller details i.e. the prickles.


I gathered my inspirations and some Netflix to really get me going!

I would sketch it out with pencil if you are working with a wooden canvas. It is a nice skeleton to work from. I would work in your taller ones on the sides and get smaller as you work toward the center. Looks better visually. See below for the finished product.



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