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Cactus Garden | Make Your Own

I am 29 and will be 30 in 7 months. Since I have been mourning the loss of my numerical youth, I've channeled my inner granny by collecting greens. I remember telling my mother just a few short years ago, "Mom, No I don't want your hanging ferns." Fast forward to now and I am the mother to 10 houseplants that need my love and affection, but mostly water. I have also been known taken in several boarders along the way.

If you know me, then you know how much I love Big Sheila. No, Big Sheila is not a lady of the night, and does not have a perm. She also does not fancy bright blue eye shaddow and a bold lip. She is my Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, and you can check her out in my previous post - 6 Great Apartment Plants.

January ushers in a new year, so why not kick off 2017 with a good kill proof plant? Because lets face it - When our New Year's Resolutions start failing, it will be nice to look at something that didn't die in the first 3 months.

So even if you couldn't manage to keep your childhood fish alive, there is still hope for you. This plant can survive you, because it was originally meant to live in the desert. Just lots of sun and a light misting and your cactus is good to go. Lets get you started!!!

S U P P L I E S :

1.) Collection of differing cactus - Different shapes & heights will be important, because you want to create depth for the eye. It is more visually interesting that way. Select a tall cactus and work your way down. This number will determine how large your pot will be, but I would shoot for 5-7 cactus if you have a pot that is a similar size to mine (14 inch).

2.) Cactus soil & Succulent Mix - Next to the Cactus selection, there should be corresponding soil mix. $3-$6 depending on product.

3.) Bark - This is mixed with the soil to ensure proper drainage and prevent root rot.

4.) Small Stones or Gravel - This is placed at the bottom to provide a barrier between excess water and roots. Another guard against root rot.

5.) Pot - Make sure the top is wide enough for you to create drama. I wouldn't go any smaller than a 12 inch pot. ** Make sure it has a hole at bottom.

6.) Moss - A bag of assorted green mosses can be found at Hobby Lobby. It serves as ground cover once all my cacti are placed.

7.) Splash of personality - I found a tiny muchacho at an antique store years before he moved to my cactus garden. I love him there! There are so many things you can add to your garden (Llama, donkey, banner of tiny lights or a miniature pennant flag banner, etc...). There are so many things that you can add that will spice up your garden!

8.) Thick pot holder gloves - This will allow you to handle your cactus and minimize blood shed. For real though, blood shed.

9.) Water bottle

D I R E C T I O N S :

1.) Fill the pot about 2 inches with gravel

2.) Mix your soil and bark together and pour in a portion leaving enough space for you to plant your cactus.

3.) Prep your first cactus for placement (use gloves), taking out the soil base and misting it with water and squeezing roots till soil breaks and loosens.

** I would arrange the cactus in a way that allows your eye to come down from a high point. So place the taller one to a certain side and then work down as you move across the pot. This gives your eye a sight path and gives good dimension to your garden.

4.) Place cactus closely together.

5.) Once all your plants are packed in, fill in any holes with remaining soil mixture.

6.) Finish with green mosses as a ground cover. I would cover all the soil with moss, however, this step is completely optional.

7.) Place your decorations if you choose to have any.

Happy Cactusing & if you have any questions as you begin your garden, shoot me an email !


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