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Week 1 - One Room Challenge

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Maybe you've gathered this from my social media as of late, but I've been dabbling in some interior pretty making. I've got the crazy opportunity to design for Joanna Edgeworth of Acadian Dream Homes in Lumberton, TX. She has tasked me with designing her personal home, room by room. On top of that, I'm a guest participant in the One Room Challenge, and each designer has to select one room to overhaul over 6 short weeks. YIKES!!!!

Today is officially week one, where all designers reveal their projects and vision cast for the weeks to come. Each Thursday from now until November 8 (The big reveal) will be updates on project progress. With that said, the project I've chosen to conquer for the ORC is a boys room! Its a place where activity and creativity mesh for a modern youthful space.

Joanna's youngest two boys aged 4 and 7 share a room with post-less, lofted beds. Have you ever seen such a thing? This room has fresh bright white walls, polished concrete floors and beautiful large windows that pull the light in. The beds are steel frames bolted to the studs that allow for lots of mid-air snoozin'. Take a look below to peep the empty room, because in 6 quick weeks, all the kids in the neighborhood will be storming the doorbell asking, "can we come and play?"



There is a lot going on above, so let me break it down a bit. The main feature will be a rock wall element that will allow access not only to their beds, but to another play area over their bedroom through a crawl space. The rock wall will have multiple faces so you never have to take the same route to bed. Its going to be a wild and dynamic space when we are all said and done. Also, a room like this will call for late night snacks... takes a bit of energy trekking to bed every night, so I may need to think about how I can fit a small fridge in the design... ha ha ha jk.

Another big element to tackle will be the geometric mural that will set the groovy vibes going forward. Fun playful texture and a pop of color will sweep the floors and give great contrast to the walls. Playful industrial pieces will be integrated into the space, so that the room can age well with the kiddos. And before I wrap this up, you can always bet there will be a nod to my black and white signature move...

Now that you have my rough vision for the boy's room, I am chomping at the bit to get started! In the meantime, click here for a link to the blog party so you can stay connected to other projects in the greater One Room Challenge arena and check out the featured designers here! You can follow me here on the blog, Facebook & Instagram! Be sure to check back every Thursday for wild transformations of this space!

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