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Best 2017 Planner

"Just get yourself together will ya' ?"

That is what I normally tell myself as i am reflecting on the closing year and welcoming the next. And lets just be real here for a minute and air it out - 2016 was full of all kinds of crazy. Around July, I came to the conclusion that I need to organize my time better.

I'm a free girl by nature (but not too "free", as I do shave my armpits), taking things as they come, which in theory sounds fun and exciting. But add a kid to that, and its a remedy for disaster!

People like me struggle with being structured, and I really wish it came more natural because I think my family would benefit from a well organized woman. But in real life, I am left clinging to the snack hidden at the bottom of my purse, which is sometimes outside of the wrapper and melted to the fabric... Don't judge.

I happened, one day, upon this lovely book of treats and ever since, we have been welcoming the days!

To call it just a planner is a bit offensive if you ask me, so I would rather

describe My agenda (Lady of Leisure) as this : Undercover Personal Assistant that is not on payroll. Im a little weird and crazy, but so is my Bando Personal Assistant, that is why we love each other so much.

Here is the skinny on my very structured Lady of Leisure :

- She doesn't cost an arm & a leg. $32 / $20 (Large/small)

- Loaded with 17 months of planning.

- It has a double pocket for all the things that need to be in a pocket.

- It comes with 2 pages of quirky stickers that just make life more fun.

- Each month has a creative and funny header-Stay cool, fool!

- Pre-loaded with official holidays & unofficial holidays (most fun).

- Each month comes with a 'Notes' Section for all your notey things. - There is a month at a glance & a week at a glance, (which I love) because sometimes you just can't deal with a month at a time.

- There is plenty of room to write - I have never needed for more room.

- The girl squad behind Bando, has created this 'Undercover Personal Assistant that is not on payroll' to be witty, funny inspirational and encouraging! - I LOVE THAT !

CLICK HERE to shop Bando agendas & more!

(Lady of Leisure is the title of this particular agenda design)


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