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Benji Goes to the Fair

My little family hits up the Texas State Fair at least once every year.  It is the highlight of spring for us, so we were overly excited to introduce Benji to his first Texas fair!  The wonder of the colorful lights was more than enough to keep him wide eyed all night!  We indulged in overpriced food, walked in circles for 5 hours, and won (more like bought) a pink giraffe.  Sweyzie downed an $8 palm tree slushy filled with blue sugary goodness that kept her going on full blast!  5 Pork-ka-bobs, 3 tiny tot rides, 2 swamp juices, a chocolate covered cheesecake, and a camel ride completed the night! And oh what a magical night it was!  

Next year we will celebrate Benji's first fair food !

Photo credits and shoutouts are below!

Photos : Lauren jordan Photography 

Cotton Candy hair by : Anna Guedry at The Fringe Hair Studio

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