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Bath Bombs | Hide em' From Your Kids

When you have kids, you share so much with them. Sometimes it's sweet and voluntary, and other times it is painful and completely forced... And like all the other mothers out there, I share my food, and sometimes even my last bite of dessert. I also share my cold drink in the summer at the expense of backwash. Sharing is sweet and it demonstrates kindness, but lets be honest, there are times when it feels down right sacrificial - because it is!

For instance, I purchased a couple bath bombs two weeks ago that I have been super pumped to use. With kids, however, you know that one cannot just simply draw a bath and get in. As a mom, you really have to plan, strategize and consider perfect timing. You have to think about diversions, booby traps and a plan B if you are invaded by the enemy. Ha ha ha ha ha, but for real, its a war zone out there!

Mama's, you know what I mean. No matter how wonderful the bath is, it tends to lose it's luster when you have a kid at the bathroom door picking the lock with various household objects.

I talk a good strong game, but last Saturday I waived my white flag and surrendered my Acai bath bomb to the cutest little 4 yr old who plead a good case. She conquered and enjoyed a blue mermaid bath with shimmer and loved every minute of it. Sharing wasn't easy, but in the end worth it. Once they are grown, it is the love and fun that I hope to be the sweetest of memories for her.

I have also since spared the Lavender bath bomb for the greater good of her sleeping better, but I WILL enjoy my last and most treasured one.

Island Nectar reminds me of our yearly summer vacations to Destin, Florida. The scent is reminiscent of Panama Jack and all the smells of summer at the beach! I may even wear my bathing suit in the tub and blow up a beach ball for kicks and giggles!

Everyone has heard of LUSH products, but $8-$12 per piece is a bit steep. They are wonderful, don't get me wrong, but I knew there had to be an option that delivered just as much soothing punch, and relaxation for a better price. You could imagine how excited I was to find out that MintMoon Bath Bombs are right in my backyard and super affordable!

Large Bombs are $4 and small bombs are $3.

L A V E N D E R | I S L A N D N E C T A R | A C A I

Mint Moon is dropping 3 new scents soon and upon high demand, Key Lime will be making a comeback!

1.) Fresh Bamboo - Smells like Bamboo stalks, crisp Aloe and Jasmine with base notes of Vetivert and a soft musk.

2.) Dragon's Blood Cybilla - Soft Oriental blend of Patchouli and Rose with a musk base.

3.) Black Tea and Tobacco - Masculine scent with black tea, tobacco and notes of fruit and spice. ( Great gift for your husband this Father's Day )



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