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2016 Coolest Baby Names

Raise your hand if you have a continuous "Baby Names" tab in the notes section of your phone. Yep, just as I suspected - every single one of you. I had a list going when I was in high school, because I am a sappy hopeless romantic. Thus, I have decided to share my favorites minus my top 2 (I'm keeping those locked down). Feel free to save and use as your own!

<<<<<< I named my little gem Sweyzie Lynn. (Sway-zee)

Girl Names: Boy Names:

1.) Ruthie 1.) Boss

2.) Pepper 2.) Titus

3.) Dezzy 3.) Orson

4.) Frances 4.) Maximus

5.) Effie 5.) Perry

6.) Berdie 6.) Rex

7.) Etta 7.) Lawson

8.) Frankie 8.) Nash

9.) Vita 9.) Hutch

10.) Mona 10.) Wallace

11.) Ettalie

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